About Us

Everyone loves a good story...

... and the enchanting account of Esther's Crown Jewels (ECJ On-Line) is just such a tale. It is the legend of an extraordinary vintage jewelry collection named for the Diva herself, Queen Esther. More than 60 in the making, the ECJ-On-Line collection is a gathering of all manor of costume gems, from royal rhinestones to mysterious Bakelite to materials of all sorts in bright bold colors. With a particular passion for earrings, no material was too exotic, no sale was ever too daunting to keep the Queen from amassing her dangling delights. Creating a impressive collection of bangles chains beads and ear bobs. Truly her daring is a sight to behold...

We hope you enjoy the collection of more than 2,000 pieces of vintage jewelry.

Thank you in advance for visiting and shopping our on-line store. Providing us the opportunity to share the vision of a truly unique and amazing lady.

Be blessed, be jeweled, be amazing!
ECJ On-Line

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